Model Curriculum

The model curriculum (MCs) listed on the table below were accepted by the Model Curriculum Workgroup (MCW). It should be noted that these MCs fall outside of SB 1440/440 and are not subject to the limits and mandates associated with such legislation. As a result, MCs will not obligate colleges to develop MC-aligned degrees or certificates. Each college may determine if the model curriculum is appropriate for their program and students.

For more information regarding model curriculum please see our model curriculum FAQ document.

Model Curricula — Finalized

Model Curricula Date Reviewed UC Transfer Pathways Comparison
 Culinary Arts Foundation Certificate  September 1, 2017  
 Engineering  March 31, 2015

 Electrical Engineering

 Mechanical Engineering

 Information Technology  March 31, 2015  
 Health Information Technology  September 1, 2017  
 Hospitality Management Foundation  Certificate  September 1, 2017  
 Nursing March 31, 2015  


CCC Model Curricula — Vetting Closed

Discipline Model Curriculum
Real Estate AA  Draft MC
Real Estate I  Draft MC
Real Estate II  Draft MC
Business Information Worker - Quick Start Certificate  Draft MC
Business Information Worker One - Certificate  Draft MC
Business Information Worker Two - Certificate  Draft MC
Engineering CCCMC  Draft MC

CCC Model Curricula — Vetting Open

Discipline Model Curriculum Survey Deadline