In April 2018 the California Community Colleges (CCC) and University of California (UC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to enhance student transfer and increase academic preparation for CCC students as they transfer into a UC campus. The MOU initiated a comprehensive effort to guarantee admission for all qualifying CCC transfer students to the UC system. As a result, the University of California Transfer Pathways (UCTP) Guarantee pilot project in Chemistry and Physics was created based on several priorities shared by the two systems:

1) expanding inclusive access, especially at traditionally low-sending CCC campuses, as a key component of fulfilling the intent of the Master Plan and the Vision for Success, providing opportunities and social mobility and serving the state of California by enhancing the transfer route to a four-year degree. By developing and promoting guarantees of admission based on Transfer Pathways and Associate degrees built on those Pathways, the two systems can change the perception that “UC is not for me.”

2) thorough academic preparation is key to academic success after transfer and necessary for timely degree completion; it is also a pocketbook issue. A student who completes a UC Transfer Pathways before transfer is on a path to graduate two years after transfer.

Students completing one of these degrees has completed lower division preparation in the major of physics or chemistry, should be able to graduate within two years attending at full time status, and is guaranteed admission to the UC system with a minimum 3.5 GPA. Similar to Associate Degrees for Transfer created for the CSU system, guaranteed admission is to the system, not an individual campus.

For more information please read CCC Chancellor’s Office memo AA 19-27.

For more information about updated UC Guaranteed Transfer Pathways Templates for Chemistry and Physics please read CCC Chancellor's Office memo AA 19-30.



Discipline UC Transfer Pathway (UCTP) Template
Chemistry  UCTP Template for Chemistry
Physics  UCTP Template for Physics