C-ID Courses

The California Community College (CCC) courses on this list have been approved by the C-ID program and given a C-ID designation. The courses with this C-ID designation will articulate with any other CCC course with the same designation for course content credit.

Any separate General Education (GE) designation a course may have is not connected to the C-ID designation and should not be assumed. C-ID designation cannot be used as justification for GE certification. In addition to the community college to community college articulation, a course with a C-ID course designation will articulate to four-year universities that have approved articulation with that C-ID designation.  

You can search for CSU courses that have been identified by campuses as comparable to C-ID descriptors, by discipline or CSU campus. The CSU courses listed will articulate with approved California Community College courses with C-ID designation. Comparable identification does not imply CSU-to-CSU articulation, nor does it imply reverse articulation of CSU-to-CCC courses.

Use the course search below to view courses by discipline, college, or effective date. Alternatively, select the export master approved course list to download the complete list. To read about how a course receives a C-ID number, please go to About C-ID.

Master Course list by Discipline and College