Final Descriptors

The C-ID Descriptor Documents below have been posted for general use after a statewide review by the discipline faculty who teach these courses in California’s public post-secondary institutions. The descriptors are offered to encourage wider articulation and to expand the lower division curricular offerings and thereby increase the variety—and ensure the rigor—of our many Community College courses.

Remember that the content, objectives, and pre and co-requisites of all C-ID descriptors reflect the minimum standards expected in a college's Course Outline of Record (COR). While the COR must meet all of these standards as included in the C-ID descriptor, colleges may certainly go beyond the descriptor and include additional content or higher requirements. Likewise, the specific course title on the C-ID descriptor is advisory, and courses may be approved as meeting the descriptor if they have different but relevant titles. In addition, although colleges may require more units than is required by a descriptor, unit restrictions based on SB 1440 will still apply if the course is included in a TMC-aligned degree.

Please click here to download a complete list of approved C-ID Descriptors (you may open in Excel).

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