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New – Fall DIG Meetings!

AOE Discipline Input Group (DIG) meetings have been scheduled for October 2014. Click here for more information.

Transfer Model Curriculum (TMC) Templates


A downloadable document of the proposed descriptor review dates is available here.


Thirty two Transfer Model Curricula (TMCs) are now available for use or *consideration: Administration of Justice/Criminal Justice, *Agriculture Animal Sciences, *Agriculture Business, *Agriculture Plant Sciences, Anthropology, Art History, Business, *Chemistry, Child and Adolescent Development, Communication Studies, Computer Science, Early Childhood Education (ECE), *Economics, Elementary Education, English, *Film, Television and Electronic Media, Geography, Geology, History, Journalism, Kinesiology, Mathematics, Music, Nutrition and Dietetics, Philosophy, Psychology, Physics, Political Science, Sociology, Spanish, Studio Arts, and Theatre.

Policies and Resources

You can now review the approved C-ID and SB 1440/ SB 440 policies by clicking here.

Catalog Language (sample) Regarding Associate Degrees for Transfer, March 2012

This Catalog Language Sample has been developed for use by local campuses.

*TMCs that are available for consideration are TMCs that have been accepted by the Intersegmental Curriculum Workgroup, but degree development and submission to the CCC Chancellor’s Office is not yet possible as the CCCCO template for degree submission is not yet available. Available templates can be accessed by clicking here.

Welcome to C-ID.net, the website for the Course Identification Numbering System (C-ID). C-ID is a supranumbering system being developed to ease the transfer and articulation burdens in California’s higher educational institutions. To learn more about C-ID, please visit our ABOUT page. To access FAQs for faculty and articulation officers, please click here.

Currently, C-ID has 270 approved descriptors and 23 draft descriptors from over 31 different disciplines. To view C-ID’s finalized Descriptors, or to review Draft Descriptors, please visit the DESCRIPTORS page. Once there, you can select finalized descriptors from a drop-down menu. The Draft Descriptors Review and Comment Area can be accessed by clicking on the Review Drafts link on the Descriptors page.

To access the CSU courses that have been identified by campuses as comparable to C-ID descriptors, use the COURSES tab or http://www.c-id.net/course_compare.html. You can search for courses by discipline or CSU campus.

Chancellor’s Office Memorandums:

May 20, 2014- re: C-ID Verification Timeline (click here)
Nov 30, 2012
- re: SB 1440 STAR Act and SB 1415 Common Course Numbering System. (Click here)
C-ID Course Status Definitions. (Click here)

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